The speak truth maxi bum bag handcrafted with blue lambskin eco-friendly leather. A hand-printed inspirational message of telling your inner truth teaches us to use the power of words and speaking with compassion and the feeling of self-worth. The design of the handbag adds high positive healing energy with the touch of stones.

Our robust and melodic screen printed collection is undoubted an authentic connection with the sound energy associated with the throat chakra and the feeling of self-worth.

Handbags that gives well-being

Art in exclusive limited units

Eco-friendly & sustainable

Made in Barcelona (Spain)

Product details

  • Eco-friendly dark blue lambskin leather.
  • Vegetable-tanned under EU laws.
  • Shiny gold hardware.
  • Backpack shoulder adjustable blue nylon strap.
  • Gold leatherette lining.
  • Interior opening pocket.
  • Zip fastening.
  • Hand screen printing by Gisselle Morales.
  • Handmade in Barcelona.
  • Size: 35x50cm.

Worldwide shipping



the throat chakra

The Vishuddha collection enhances the energy of the throat chakra. It helps balance our thyroid gland for metabolism, physical and mental development. This chakra provides space, expressive self, communication, and singing. We can indeed find our inner truth and live our truth in daily life.

Each of the bags in this collection boosts your divine will through sound, made up of words or tones. Rise in the form of the harmony between your humanity and divinity and flow powerfully into the world to create your destiny your authentic resonance, as a stream of sound, is expressed as “I am the only truth.”


Slow fashion is to produce high-quality products. Untitled Barcelona and its philosophy: sustainability, ethics, originality, traditional values, local production, and preservation of the ecosystem.

Handcrafted bags
chakra healing

Untitled Barcelona is a wellbeing enterprise using fashion accessories to empower the light of women, adopting the chakra concept of inspiration as a starting point, grounding them with accessories wearable to all.


Untitled Barcelona specializes in high-quality fabrics. All designs are made entirely by hand to produce high-quality products at a fair cost. We have an emotional connection with every product created.

EU Leather

Untitled Barcelona specializes in eco-friendly leathers with vegetable-tanned inside the European laws. We love to share our vision with respect for the people and our environment.


A spiritual artist behind each work

Author: Gisselle Morales

“SPEAK TRUTH” – Hand screen-printed collection. I wanted to create a message all about Speaking Your Inner Truth. This collection’s powerful message reflects the throat chakra’s qualities, communication, Truth, and self-expression. The real potential and power of words can be used to heal and to harm. The use of language is a gift. We are blessed to be able to communicate through the beautiful use of words. Speak Truth teaches us to use the power of words, speak with compassion, and speak up for our Truth.

“I speak my truth.”

We don’t need labels, we are unique

Handcrafted bags with original chakra healing art

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