Founded by Gisselle Morales, Untitled Barcelona combines and celebrates the love of art and with a passion for all our statement pieces. Untitled Barcelona combines fashion and emotions by reinventing handbags and accessories for the woman of today. With the empowering art messages, combined with unique creations, natural materials, hand-woven details, eco-friendly leathers, and contemporary designs, all created manually by artisans.

Untitled Barcelona is fast becoming the favorite accessories brand for those women that love the boho-chic and free-spirited sensations. Each design elevates the spirit fo those who choose to wear our bags and accessories.

“Art as a collective message”.

Our brand

Discover the heart of Untitled Barcelona


Untitled Barcelona is a wellbeing enterprise using fashion accessories to empower the light of women, adopting the chakra concept of inspiration as a starting point. It is a brand using well-beings symbolism and grounding them with accessories that is wearable to all. Let us play with symbols and create pieces of art. It is flowing with the divine wind as a creative process. Light, positivism. Back to origins!


Chakra Collections is the encouragement to develop my concept and visual language on the “Chakras” philosophy defined through colors, screen printing, art, and stones. I will explore all 7 Chakras with different collections combining symbols in the bag’s design. Chakra collections are a creative process on self-reflection and visual moving ideas. The bag you wear has a lift you up message, and a declare love to the one.

Untitled Barcelona is a highly conceptual and exclusive label; each piece is unique and handmade. We focus primarily on creating handbags with originally painted fabrics and natural eco-friendly lambskin leathers. These canvases are an integral part of the conceptualization and realization of the bags, as they are authentic works of art that several contemporary artists produce exclusively for us. Untitled Barcelona represents a combination of color, textures, and magic. This distinguishing quality becomes the main feature of our visual language. Combining art with a daily handbag comes from the need to make art design and to put art on the streets so it can have its transformation. Why must painting be enclosed behind the walls of museums and galleries?

Eco- friendly & sustainable

Untitled Barcelona is a brand compromise on style, ethics, and sustainability as we offer products and services that have particular values for our clients and the environment.
The label specializes in high-quality fabrics and eco-friendly leathers with vegetable-tanned inside the European laws.

All bags’ designs made and constructed entirely by hand. We take action on sustainable innovation, like developing innovation philosophy in the heart of our brand and create a change. All our handbags and jewelry are produced by artisans, using sustainable methods and materials.

We love to share our vision with respect for the people and our environment.

Slow fashion

Slow fashion may be considered a revolt or action against the fast fashion movement — United with the concept of Untitled Barcelona by Developing a garment like handbags and jewelry with a cultural and emotional connection. Slow fashion is a conscious effort to move away from the excessive consumerism encouraged by the fast fashion industry through changing consumer behavior and forcing the industry to embrace sustainability and to produce real high-quality fashion.

Untitled Barcelona develops Fashion distribution by serving local markets and utilizing lean supply chains. The key to slow fashion and Untitled Barcelona’s concept is to produce high-quality products at a fair cost. Together we can take action and make changes. We sacrifice the high-volume turnover by delivering quality goods and upholds ethical manufacturing standards with a significantly reduced environmental impact.

Untitled Barcelona and its slow fashion philosophy: Pragmatism and responsibility, Sustainability and ethics, Diversity and originality, traditional values, transparency, local sourcing production, and distribution, preservation of the ecosystem, and emotional connection to every product created. Come and enjoy our style, uniqueness, comfort and quality.

Made in Barcelona

The entire business is based in Barcelona, which gives the founder and artist greater control over materials, suppliers, and the whole production process. By keeping our design exclusive based and created in the city of Barcelona. All bags’ designs made and constructed entirely by hand.

Each piece takes a few days to complete, as they are unique pieces made especially for you.

Nobody is perfect, but a team can be.

Creative Director & Founder

Gisselle Morales


I am Gisselle,

Creator and executive designer of Untitled Barcelona, traveler, and teacher of the new consciousness and the treasure of having a free heart. With a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and Illustration at the School of Design Altos de Chavon affiliated to Parsons-The New School for Design in New York, a vast experience in fine arts and artistic jewelry complemented by years of experience in the fashion world, helped me to create the first stages of this artistic project. In 2017, after my Kundalini Yoga teaching training with the title of KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, ® I started taking Untitled Barcelona and myself to a new creative journey.

Through Untitled Barcelona I have been able to develop my virtue as a creator of a spiritual art for the freedom of being, by creating a wide and conscious space. I hope that through our products you can break your limitations and navigate in the magical world of personal empowerment.

At Untitled, the team and I have been able to find the simplicity of being, the freedom without social conditioning, opening the heart and listening, to be able to feel, think, and express the truth.



Soy Gisselle,

Creadora y diseñadora de Untitled Barcelona, viajera y maestra de la nueva consciencia y el tesoro de poseer un corazón libre. Con una licenciatura en Bellas Artes e Ilustración en la Escuela de Diseño de Altos de Chavón afiliada a Parsons The New School for Design en Nueva York, y una vasta experiencia en bellas artes y joyería artística complementada con años de experiencia en el mundo de la moda, me ayudó a crear las primeras etapas de este proyecto artístico. En 2017, después de mi formación docente de Kundalini Yoga con el título de KRI instructora certificada en Kundalini Yoga impartido por Yogi Bhajan, ® comencé a llevarme a mí y a la empresa a un nuevo viaje creativo.

A través de Untitled Barcelona he podido desarrollar mi virtud como creadora de un arte espiritual para la libertad del ser en un espacio amplio y consciente. Espero que a través de nuestros productos puedas romper tus propias limitaciones y navegar en el mundo mágico del empoderamiento personal. (Texto en la foto de portada)

En Untitled, todo el equipo y yo hemos podido encontrar la simpleza de ser, la libertad sin condicionamientos sociales, abriendo el corazón y escuchando, para poder sentir, pensar, y expresar la verdad.

Content and Community Creator & Co-Founder

Mirtza Morales


I am Mirtza,

Community and content creator, USA brand representative, and co-founder. Explorer of the universal truth and spiritual wisdom. With a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration and Tourism, a vast experience in sales, customer service, and event planning. I found great joy and passion in creating new ways to connect with different women and experiences leading to the creation of an innovative well-being enterprise concept.

Untitled gave me the space to heal and resurface through my creativity, my writings, and my voice.

My heart and my reality have healed thanks to my perseverance, my self-love, and compassion for my process. Through my meditations I opened myself to the consciousness of my being, I found my freedom and my wings. Today, I unfold my story and put it at your service, so together we continue to find our light and shine brighter.



Soy Mirtza,

Creadora de contenido y de la comunidad Untitled, representante de la marca en Estados Unidos y co-propietaria. Exploradora de la verdad universal y la sabiduría espiritual. Con una licenciatura en Administración Hotelera y Turismo, una vasta experiencia en ventas, servicio al cliente y planificación de eventos. Encontré en Untitled Barcelona una gran alegría y pasión en la creación de nuevas formas de conectar con diferentes mujeres y experiencias que condujeron a la creación de un concepto empresarial innovador basado en el bienestar.

Untitled me brindó el espacio para sanar y resurgir a través de mi creatividad, mis escritos y mi voz.

Mi corazón y mi realidad han sanado gracias a mi perseverancia, mi amor propio y compasión por mi proceso. Por medio de la meditación me abrí a la consciencia de mi ser, encontré mi libertad y mis alas. Hoy te cuento mi historia y la pongo a tu servicio para que juntos sigamos encontrando nuestra luz propia y brillemos con más fuerza.


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