The red beautiful necklace is handmade with the sensitive touch of the chakra healing stones. The stones combination of onyx and corals helps you ground and empower yourself to release all fears and worries.

Handbags that gives well-being

Art in exclusive limited units

Eco-friendly & sustainable

Made in Barcelona (Spain)

Product details

• Handcrafted necklace.

• Combination of corals and multiple onyx stones.

• Symmetrical design.

• Black textile clasp.

Worldwide shipping

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the ROOT chakra

The Muladhara collection enhances the energy of the root chakra. This chakra can balance the kidneys, spine, colon, legs, and bones. It provides vitality to the physical body, increasing vital force, improving survival, self-preservation, and instincts.

Each bag in this collection promotes stability and security, favoring bonds with the land through growth. You will feel how the feeling of being rooted in your life increases, covering your basic needs. Empower individuality, health, and courage to build confidence in your life and ease the fear.


Slow fashion is to produce high-quality products. Untitled Barcelona and its philosophy: sustainability, ethics, originality, traditional values, local production, and preservation of the ecosystem.

Handcrafted jewelry
chakra healing

Untitled Barcelona is a wellbeing enterprise using fashion accessories to empower the light of women, adopting the chakra concept of inspiration as a starting point, grounding them with accessories wearable to all.


Untitled Barcelona specializes in high-quality fabrics. All designs are made entirely by hand to produce high-quality products at a fair cost. We have an emotional connection with every product created.

Healing stones

Untitled Barcelona artistic chakra necklaces are an excellent way for anyone to carry positive healing energy and to enhance your well-being. All pieces are handmade, with beautiful knitted details and the fascinating cosmos of natural stones.

A spiritual artist behind each work

Author: Gisselle Morales

“MULADHARA” – Jewelry Collection. In this jewelry collection, I wanted to express through the fascinating cosmos of healing stones the sensation of a courageous woman. The combination of the black and red represent the colors for the base “Chakra.” Here, the mysterious world of stones created with onyx and corals helps you to release all fears and worries. “I AM bountiful, I AM blissful, I AM beautiful.”

We don’t need labels, we are unique

Handcrafted bags with original chakra healing art

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