Light Basic Maxi bag


The light basic maxi bag is two bags in one handcrafted in natural and lavender tie-dye raw canvas with an original hand-painted abstract explosion of lights and sounds. The world represented in this artistic boho sensation collection is like the energy wheels that run through our bodies called chakras. Colors usually indicate the current emotional, spiritual and physical state. It is a crucial source of the invisible energy in our bodies.

This lovely collection contains fascinating handcrafted organic and recycled cotton knitted details, making the bag’s essence artistic and unique. It connects with the energy of power, intuition, and the ability to move past our ego. It is the spiritual center of our intuitive insight and to see beyond the veil of illusion.

Handbags that gives well-being

Art in exclusive limited units

Eco-friendly & sustainable

Made in Barcelona (Spain)

Product details

  • Natural raw canvas textile.
  • Handmade original lavender tie-dye canvas textile.
  • Handcrafted organic and recycled cotton crochet tote basic bag.
  • Natural sand adjustable crossbody 3cm cotton strap with a combination of handcrafted organic cotton knitted details.
  • Shiny silver hardware.
  • Canvas with original healing art by Mauricio Ballesteros.
  • Natural sand leatherette lining.
  • Interior opening pocket.
  • Handcrafted crochet button fastening.
  • Snap button fastening.
  • Handmade in Barcelona.
  • Boho handcrafted design.
  • Size: 32x28cm – 13×14 base.

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the third eye chakra

"Lights and Sounds" - hand-painted collection

"Lights and Sounds" - The abstract world represented in this artistic explosion appears like the energy wheels that run through the body; colors usually indicate the current emotional, spiritual and physical state of a human being. It is a crucial source of the invisible energy in our bodies. The Ajna energy keeps us active, lively, and vibrant every day.


Slow fashion is to produce high-quality products. Untitled Barcelona and its philosophy: sustainability, ethics, originality, traditional values, local production, and preservation of the ecosystem.

Handcrafted bags
chakra healing

Untitled Barcelona is a wellbeing enterprise using fashion accessories to empower the light of women, adopting the chakra concept of inspiration as a starting point, grounding them with accessories wearable to all.


Untitled Barcelona specializes in high-quality fabrics. All designs are made entirely by hand to produce high-quality products at a fair cost. We have an emotional connection with every product created.


Untitled Barcelona created the cotton collection for our fellow vegan clients in mind; this is a vegan-friendly option. All of them made and painted by local artisans. We are very respectful of our resources; we only produce a bag after the order placed.

A spiritual artist behind each work

Author: Mauricio Ballesteros

"Lights and Sounds" - hand-painted collection. I wanted to create a unique and artistic collection that embraces the magic of the abstract world of lights and sounds, bringing you into a relaxed and meditative state, reflecting the freedom in the movement guided by our intuition and connecting us to our higher power. Let yourself travel into a psychedelic trance state of awareness. Let your imagination flow and feel the mystical you.

"I am open to inspiration."

We don't need labels, we are unique

Handcrafted bags with original chakra healing art

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